Semi-Frameless Hinge Shower Doors

Semi-frameless hinge shower doors are ¼ inch thick tempered glass. These doors are considered semi-frameless as there is a frame around the outside, but the door itself when opened has three exposed, high polished edges. Semi-frameless hinge doors have a concealed continuous hinge, and can easily carry up to 50 pounds. The type of hinge used for these doors is engineered to swing in and out and is one of a kind; there isn’t another hinge like it on the market. Panels that connect near a wall can be combined into one notched panel and panels can meet at joints with silicone if desired, creating even more of a frame-less look by eliminating lengths of metal. Please let our shower door designers know if this may be the case. Any panels on rise are due to a tub deck, shower seat or wall.