Continuous Shoe Railing

Sleek and sophisticated lines are the hallmark of any glass rail. No handrail is used in this sectional divider. A polished stainless 4″ profile shoe secures the glass.

Sectional view of glass railing

Glass railings can be configured to meet any need while complying with local codes. Architecturally, functionality is achieved with minimal conflict with the surrounding decor. A variety of systems exist for residential and commercial applications on decks, walkways and stairways.

All-glass Bridge railing

1/2″ Pattern cut and polished glass sections make up this spectacular glass railing system. Individual brushed stainless standoff fittings are mounted to the bridge structure. Each fitting is shimmed for proper glass panel alignment. Finished hardwood sections were then fitted over the standoff bases, prior to glass panel installation. Interior Specialties is proud to have engineered this structure in conjunction with the builder and architect.