Framed Shower Enclosures with Swing Door

Generally speaking, these enclosures can be custom made to fit almost any design but there are some standards; which if integrated into your space, can potentially reduce the amount of your investment.

This is normally a 1/4″ or 3/8″ glass wrapped into aluminum extrusion, where the door (as the name so ingeniously implies) swings open and closed. The frame helps keep the relatively light glass intact and gives it a steady look and feel.

It goes without saying that choosing the right hardware in these enclosures is crucial, as the color of the frame should fit into your overall design and color scheme.

Framed shower Door Framed shower Door

The most popular type of glass used in these enclosures is clear glass but other options are also available. In choosing this type of enclosure, particular attention should be paid to availability of space in front of the enclosure. There should be enough space to allow the door to swing open and closed without any hindrance. Swing door framed shower enclosures are a fun way of dramatically changing the look and feel of any shower and with the right design can become the center and focal point of your washroom.